World Cup 2015- Will India And Pakistan Clash In Semi Finals?

With the quarter finals line up clear, all think tanks are once again speculating India- Pakistan clash in the second semi final match to be played on 26 Mar at MCG. Will we see another clash of two cricketing giants of Asia?

Well, Anything can happen in cricket. The possibility of such a clash can not be ruled out after witnessing many erratic performances of the so called very strong teams.

India-vs-PakistanThe second semi final match will be played on 26 Mar between winner of second quarter final match between Bangladesh and India and winner of third quarter final match between Australia and Pakistan. Can anyone predict the outcome of above two encounters? No one can do that. Therefore, the possibility of India and Pakistan playing against each other for the second time in this World Cup is quite a possibility.

India has been playing steady, calculating cricket (Dhoni’s mind game) and has won all six matches to reach quarter finals. On the the other hand, Pakistan has won last four matches in a row (Misbah’s planning) after losing initial two matches.

Can India beat Bangladesh and Pakistan Beat Australia to set up yet another India- Pakistan clash? That will be a cricketing feast for the fans.

Let us hope for the best.


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