IPL 2013- Navjot Sidhu- Worst TV Commentator?

Navjot Singh Sidhu undoubtedly is the worst of all the TV Anchors/Hosts/Commentators in IPL 2013. Last year too, he bored to death all viewers with his cheap style and similes

Here are some of my observations:-

  • Quotes verses and sayings which have no relevance to cricket.
  • Tries to impose his authority over all involved in a discussion.
  • Very verbose with an inclination to criticize players.
  • Condemns Players like Ponting and Tendulkar in case they fail to score (match between CSK and MI on 06 April). Mr Sidhu must realize that IPL is a long drawn out league and every player can not score every time. May be the two legendary cricketers of modern era get going in games to follow.
  • His loud laughter is irritating.

His behavior and conduct in the Reality Show “Bigg Boss” was also found wanting. He tried to be a real learned man in the house consoling and advising all house mates but landed up in controversies over his own principles.

He is good only for Laughter Challenge.

It is high time he is sent packing back home permanently. he can not comment on a cricket match. He can just do Bla Bla and Bla.

Mr Sidhu, please take a sincere feed back from some literate people and stop being an authority on everything. Remember, no one is a Cat’s Whiskers in this world. Please apply your sayings/quotes on yourself.


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