THINK Out Of The Box For Educating Children- Think Big

All parents wish to educate their children in best college/institute which could serve as a launch pad for a good job in the corporate world. However, in the modern day digital era and competitive world when the quality of education is at its best, there are many parents (with a mind set of 80’s and 90’s), who still go by the age old maxim of- Children should study and graduate from the same institute/college from where the parents had graduated from. This thought process is simply absurd.

The Challenges

The Children today, remain under Stress and Strain due to two most important challenges being faced by them:-

  • Coping with tremendous pressure of studies and securing more than 90% in competitive exams for a better job.
  • Rising to the expectations of parents.

The Dilemma

Consequently, the children are in a dilemma whether to study in a college of their choice for which they feel they are most suited for or just blindly follow dictum of their parents and join a college where they studied. Many brilliant students are victims of this age old mindset of parents.

The Ideal Way Out

There are hundreds of career/job opportunities available these days catering to the needs of the Corporate World. Top class Universities like Lovely Professional University with state of art training facilities and best of Faculty specifically prepare students for such opportunities. In such universities, students improve skills, network better and become thorough professionals. The choice of institute should be left to the children based on their aptitude. They should be made independent to decide about their future.

Parents need to be worldly wise, change their mindset, adopt a positive attitude and help children in selecting the best institute. They should never impose their mind on the children. They should THINK out of the box.

End Result

Once the children study and learn with a free mind, they will be very confident, bring laurels to the universities and do well in every walk of life.  What they need is encouragement and appreciation from parents.

The parents should be realistic, practical and support children in all their endeavors. They must #thinkBIG.



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