Star Sports Pro Kabaddi League 2016- Predictions- 30 Jun- Jaipur Pink Panthers Vs Bengaluru Bulls- Who Will Win?

Jaipur Pink Panthers (JPP) take on Bengaluru Bulls (BB) on 30 June at Jaipur. After initial matches, the momentum is picking up and players are in great form.

On 29 Jun 2016, Jaipur Pink Panther beat Telugu Titans 28-24 and Patna Pirates Beat U Mumba 36-34 in very exciting matches right till the end.

Can JPP beat BB in this exciting match? Just wait and watch.



  •  Lost to U Mumba 34-36 in a well contested match, Beat Telugu Titans 28-24.
  • Won 23 out of last 46 matches.
  • Successful raids- 33%. Successful tackles- 38%.
  • Captain Jasvir has improved as a raider but most raids are empty.
  • S Bappu is the best, bold and  aggressive raider- reliable raider.
  • T Patil, Ajay Kumar are average raiders lacking steam.
  • Raider M Narwal has shown good aggression in last game.
  • R Narwal, an all rounder is very strong and gets points with ease.
  • No dedicated good defenders. Defense line is weak with A Hooda. Assistance of all rounders R Narwal, Ran Singh is required.
  • Overall- Strong attack. Weak Defense.


  • Beat bengal Warriors 24-23
  • Successful Raids- 29%, Successful Tackles- 39%.
  • Won 21 out of last 47 matches.
  • Weak Raiders. need more aggression.
  • D K Dahiya, Vinod Kumar and Pawan Kumar are just average raiders but can lift game.
  • All rounder S Shrestha is average.
  • Very strong defence and tackling capability.
  • Rahul Kumar, Mohit chillar and Ashis Kumar are very strong and dangerous for any raider.
  • Overall- Weak Raiders, Very Strong Defense.


  • JPP raiders are more aggressive and bold.
  • JPP plays an attacking game with weak defense.
  • BB  raiders are under confident and weak.
  • BB has a very strong defence and good tackling capability.
  • BB are likely to improve raiding capability.

Likely Winner- BB



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