Star Sports Pro Kabaddi League 2016- Finals- Predictions-31Jul- Patna Pirates Vs Jaipur Pink Panthers- Who Will Win?

In the Finals of Star Sports Pro Kabaddi League 2016, Patna Pirates (PP) take on Jaipur Pink Panthers (JPP) on 31 Jul at Hyderabad. Kabaddi is a popular game and was enjoyed thoroughly by spectators at all the venues of matches.

Due to rules on Bonus points, Super tackle, Do or Die raids coupled with poor planning good teams suffered at times and could not make it to the top four positions. Today, Kabaddi is a game of skills and making good use of opportunities.

Can PP beat JPP? Just wait and watch.


  • Main Raiders P Narwal (good) and R Mondal (average).
  •  Kuldeep Singh and F Altrachali are average in defense.
  • D Cheralathan is good in defense..
  • Overall- Average Raiders, Poor Defense.


  • Main Raiders Jasvir (very good), S Bappu (very good), Ajay Kumar (average). fetch points.
  • All rounder R Narwal is the pivot of the game.
  • Defense is weak- A Hooda is average.
  • All rounder Ran Singh is a useful player.
  • Overall- Very Strong Raiders. Weak Defense.


  • JPP has very Strong Raiders.
  • PP has steadily gone down in performance.
  • Both have weak defense.

Likely winner- JPP



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