Cricket- South Africa Tour Of India – 02 Oct To 07 Dec- Cricketing Feast Season

South Africa Cricket team will be on tour of India from 02 Oct to 07 Dec. It will be interesting to see how young South African side will fair on spinning tracks against India under the captaincy Kohli- the young angry captain.

I shall be covering the series in detail through my regular posts with in depth analysis iof teams and performances of each player. Just keep waiting.

In total, SA will play 3 x T20, 5 x ODIs and 4 x Test matches. Here are the details:-


  • 02 Oct- 1st T20- Dharamshala
  • 05 Oct- 2nd T20- Cuttack
  • 08 Oct- 3rd T20- Kolkata


  • 11 Oct- 1st ODI- Kanpur
  • 14 Oct- 2nd ODI- Indore
  • 18 Oct- 3rd ODI- Rajkot
  • 22 Oct-4th ODI- Chennai
  • 25 Oct- 5th ODI-Mumbai


  • 05-09 Nov- 1st Test- Mohali
  • 14-18 Nov- 2nd Test- Bengaluru
  • 25-29 Nov- 3rd Test-Nagpur
  • 03-07 Dec- 4th Test-Delhi

Fans will have a real feast in this festive season. Good luck both the teams.

Detailed analysis of both teams will soon be out. Do not miss out.


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