Best Services Always Bring Happiness At Breakdown Point

With numerous variants of cars and trucks hitting the roads regularly in modern times, there is a growing pressure on the Automobile companies to cope up with the service demands of clients post the sale of vehicles. The Trucks can breakdown due to many reason- Bad Weather/Mechanical Failure/Mal Functioning of a Component/Poor Road Conditions. This is a phenomenon which will happen even after strict adherence to Preventive Maintenance schedule.

The focus remains on Smart  Trucks- the ones which have latest technology incorporated to ensure better mileage, fuel consumption and guaranteed durability, since they have to ply over longer distances through uninhabited ares/remote areas.

It is the greatest endeavor of all service providers to extend best services to clients  to maintain credibility and patronage of the Brand of Trucks. But, do they achieve 100 percent customer satisfaction? No Way. The whole gambit needs to be looked into deliberately.

The Customer Wants

Every customer wants best post sale services through out life of vehicle. the following questions/ issues bother him :-

  • Guarantee of prompt and correct routine servicing and during breakdowns.
  • Reach of the services provided.
  • Quick response and support by service provider 24/7 in case of emergency.
  • Best technicians/engineers to address the issues.
  •  Identification of type of services being provided.
  • Cost of repairs/fault rectification/recovery of vehicles.

Duty Of  Service Providers

With internet availability even in the remotest of the areas, any Automobile company can easily arrange for the following through a service provider to quickly address the problems at the breakdown point. They are following aspects need to be done.

  • Maintain a dossier of vehicle and driver on a computer.
  • Establish service stations at regular intervals on all main truck routes.
  • Keep break down patrols (along with a recovery vehicle) stand by between two service stations
  • Install a GPS in every truck to track it’s movement.
  • Attend immediately to a call seeking information as per a format given to each driver. The information to be furnished should include- code of truck, problem details, location of breakdown.
  • The above could be in the form of live reporting being watched on a screen by all engineers- exact location will automatically be known.
  • There are digitally smart technical/electronic gadgets fitted with sensors which can diagnose the cause of breakdown instantly. They can possibly warn about an impending breakdown as well. These can be installed in the instrument panel in driver’s cabin.
  • Theses gadgets can
  • Through the above gadgets, exact component/part causing a breakdown can be seen on the screen and remedial action advised to driver or taken by sending requisite part/component thus, saving time.

The Future

In future, the Breakdowns are likely to be less with the advent of rugged, longer lasting , best quality parts/components being fitted in Smart trucks through robotic engineering.

Notwithstanding the above, Managing Breakdowns with ease and in quickest possible time will be a cake walk with the help of diagnostic equipment fitted in driver’s cabin.

Wish all truckers a safe and breakdown free ride.


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