Selfishness- A Disease That Kills You In the Longer Run

Kids are generally greedy, never saying NO to most of the things offered to them- Because its a win win situation and gift/commodity offered to them will satisfy their desires.

Same analogy applies to Selfish People. They will go to any extent/use all means (fair or unfair), to place their interests and themselves in an advantageous position or secure gains without any consideration for others’ comforts /feelings.

A selfish person loses his friends, relatives and seldom respected by anyone. Few traits of a selfish person are- greediness, shameless, opportunist, ego centric and unreliable in dealings.

Selfish People soon get noticed by their aides/colleagues and society and are often neglected in any relationship. Such people may feel elated at their success due to their mind game. They may rejoice their ascendency over others.

They are unaware that this habit becomes their nature and is passed on to their children as well.

The habit of being selfish is never longer lasting. It can be termed as a DISEASE which kills peace of mind and takes a person away from society. In the long run, selfish people are the losers.

S Folks, reach out to the people and care for their needs too. Such actions will usher in contentment in your life and smiles on your face.

Good Luck.



A dynamic, assertive and a qualified interviewing officer who is a keen sportsman and has traveled widely in India and abroad. With excellent communication skills, liaison and interpersonal relations, he reaches out to the people and interacts convincingly with them. Also, advises people on Individual Image Improvement Techniques. Views expressed do not aim to cause aspersions on any person or organization.