Schedule Of Matches-Indian Premier League( IPL) 2012 – T20 Cricket League

The much awaited Indian Premier League 2012 gets under way on 04 April with the first match being played between reigning champions Chennai Super Kings and Mumbai Indians At Chennai.

A total of 74  matches will be played over 74 days at various venues. Ten teams will participate in the league.

The players auction for IPL 2012 is slated for 04 Feb. This is the time when all teams are lobbying for the players who are in form.

Leading players who will be pat of the auction will be M Muralitharan, B McCullum, M Jayawardene and Ravinbder Jadeja. Baesd on their past experiences, the teams are likely to look for young, talented and budding foreign and domestic players to don their sides.

Last year, many veterans were set aside during the bidding stage since, no team wanted to waste colossal amounts on a single player. Will the same trend continue? Well, just wait and watch.

The squad size of each team will be 33 with 11 foreign players per squad. However, only 4 foreign players will be permitted to be part of the playing 11.

It remains to be seen how many of the players out of the current Indian team, now on tour to Australia will be playing for their original teams.

The last year’s league drew heavy rush at all the venues and the supporters swelled in size as the league progressed. All are eagerly waiting for the winter season to melt down and thus, enjoy some exciting cricketing activities all over the country.

Tentative schedule for IPL 2012 T20 League for the month of April:


Day Date Match Time Team Team Venue
Wednesday 04 April 1 8 pm CSK MI Chennai
Thursday 05 April 2 8pm KKR DD Kolkata
Friday 06 April 3 4pm MI PWI Mumbai
Friday 06 April 4 8pm RR KP Jaipur
Saturday 07 April 5 4pm RCB DD Banglore
Saturday 07 April 6 8pm DC CSK Vizag
Sunday 08 April 7 4pm RR KKR Jaipur
Sunday 08 April 8 8pm PWI KP Pune
Monday 09 April 9 8pm DC MI Vizag
Tuesday 10 April 10 4pm RCB KKR Pune
Tuesday 10 April 11 8pm DD CSK Delhi
Wednesday 11 April 12 8pm MI RR Mumbai
Thursday 12 April 13 4pm CSK RCB Chennai
Thursday 12 April 14 8pm KP PWI Mohali
Friday 13 April 15 8pm KKR RR Kolkata
Saturday 14 April 16 4pm DD DC Delhi
Saturday 14 April 17 8pm PWI CSK Pune
Sunday 15 April 18 4pm KKR KP Kolkata
Sunday 15 April 19 8pm RCB RR Bangalore
Monday 16 April 20 8pm MI DD Mumbai
Tuesday 17 April 21 4pm RR DC Jaipur
Tuesday 17 April 22 8pm RCB PWI Bangalore
Wednesday 18 April 23 8pm KP KKR Mohali
Thusday 19 April 24 4pm DC DD Hydrabad/Cuttack
Thursday 19 April 25 8pm CSK PWI Chennai
Friday 20 April 26 8pm KP RCB Mohali
Saturday 21 April 27 4pm CSK RR Chennai
Saturday 21 April 28 8pm DD PWI Delhi
Sunday 22 April 29 4pm MI KP Mumbai
Sunday 22 April 30 8pm DC KKR Hydrabad/Cuttack
Monday 23 April 31 8pm RR RCB Jaipur
Tuesday 24 April 32 4pm PWI DD Pune
Tuesday 24 April 33 8pm KKR DC Kolkata
Wednesday 25 April 34 4pm KP MI Mohali
Wednesday 25 April 35 8pm RCB CSK Bangalore
Thursday 26 April 36 8pm PWI DC Pune
Friday 27 April 37 8pm DD MI Delhi
Saturday 28 April 38 4pm CSK KP Chennai
Saturday 28 April 39 8pm KKR RCB Kolkata
Sunday 29 April 40 4pm DD RR Delhi
Sunday 29 April 41 8pm MI DC Mumbai
Monday 30 April 42 8pm CSK KKR Chennai

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