Poonam Pandey- Babe Adamant On Baring All-When Is The D Day?

Poonam PandeyThis lass is surely after Team India. Whether the team loses or wins, it surely draws a comment and a video clip from this domesticated turned foreigner type thin model.

Hats off to her dedication to the cricket team. She is just raring to bare all and look at our cricketers- They are letting her down.

India beat England in the 1st ODI on 14 Oct.  Poonam Pandey was so thrilled that, after announcing on her twitter that she would release a steaming video clip, she wasted no time in releasing her hot video clip on ton her website. Thousands are watching the same and expecting her to bare all in her forthcoming clips (only if India wins remaining matches too).

Surprisingly, the video clip has been removed from You tube.

Poonam is just a crazy doll. She does not let go a chance where she gets publicity of any type. With her bold statements, semi nude photos and steaming video clips, soon she will be picked up by Penthouse and Playboy magazines. Wow- What a way to get an entry into Hollywood. Good Luck Poonam Pandey. You will be the first one to go to Hollywood without passing through Bollywood.

One question to Poonam- What will you do after you bare all? There will be nothing left to imagination. Your plain rod like body and wooden horse like expressions will not impress many and soon, they will be bored with your bare all promises,semi nude pictures and steaming videos- Consequently, your fan following will take a dip. At that moment, please get ready for bricks bats too.

And remember, masses need a fresh face every now and then. And, there are many who can give you a close competition. You better fulfill your promises fast before other Team India lover models strip faster than you. They will give you a run for your money and popularity.

Make hey while the sun shines or Poonam, you will go down the memory lane. Then, probably you will find your photo in the museum with a caption-She also ran the race….

Poonam Pandey- Wake up .Stop all these cheap stunts and better focus on your acting or modeling, whatever you chose. In any case, you lack talent of any kind (entire India knows that) and are surely going to see sunset in your career before the year closes.

Fulfill all your wishes in these couple of months please. Good Luck.


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