Movie Review- OMG! Oh My God- Perfect Entertainer- Eye Opener For God Fearing People

OMG! OH MY GODOMG! is a perfect entertainer for all age groups and an eye opener for god fearing people. For a change, it is a clean movie with no hero, heroine or villain.

The movie portrays, focuses and highlights the ongoing practices related to worship of God in various forms in all religions. The theme is perfect, rightly chosen keeping in view the prevailing religious environment in the country- lakhs of devotees visiting Shrines, Ashrams and religious places.

Paresh Rawal as “Kanji”is superb and has given one of his best performances of lifetime.

Akshay Kumar (depicted as Lord Krishna) in his own style tames and guides Kanji  towards realizing the truth about life and existence.

Right from the start the movie, one feels part of the activity on screen and is fully engrossed in listening to the meaningful dialogues. The court scenes are gripping and forces one to think about one’s inclination and belief in god.

Highlighting the malpractices being followed in the name of religion at all religious places, the movie is bound to bring in awareness in the masses about the extent of belief in God.

The crux of the movie is- have faith in god, worship god, believe in your strengths, do not follow idol worship, do not propagate/ encourage growth of Gurus and Saints who proclaim themselves as messengers of God.

The dialogue writer has done a wonderful job and all Actors have excelled in their role.

Songs are nice and will soon be hits.

Kudos to the Producer and Director for making such a movie which is surely bound to leave a strong message for both, young and old people.

OMG! OH MY GOD | Teaser Trailer

A perfect entertainer in true sense.



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