Men’s World Hockey League 2015- 2nd Semi Final- 03 Jul- India Vs Belgium- Who Will Win?

India take on Belgium on 03 Jul in 2nd semi final match at Antwerp in the Men’s World Hockey League 2015.



  • Beat France 3-2, Beat Poland 3-0.
  • Drew with Pakistan 2-2, Lost to Australia 2-6.
  • Beat Malaysia 3-2 (Quarter Finals)
  • Main Goal Scorers- Ramandeep Singh-4, D Walmiki-2, J Kullar-2 Manpreet Singh-1, Sardar Singh-1
  • Forward line combines well, moves very fast on all wings with ability to score at will
  • Field goal scoring capability is very high- making full use of opportunities.
  • Feeding from halves is good but can improve.
  • Penalty corner conversion is very poor.
  • Defense is average- at times, unable to ward off opponents attacks
  • Tackling can improve.
  • Goal keeper is rock solid.
  • Scorers  out of- Ramandeep Singh, D Walmiki, Akaashdeep, Manpreet Singh, Lalit and N Thimmaiah.


  • Drew with Great Britain 2-2, Beat China 6-0.
  • Beat Malaysia 2-0, Lost to Great Britain 3-1.
  • Beat France 4-3 (Quarter Finals)
  • Main Goal Scorers-A Keusters-3, D Thiery-2, S Gougnard’s-2, Namgolan-1, John-John Dohmen, R Namgolan -2 each, Dockier’s and Lupeart-1 each.
  • Aggressive, strong forward line which attacks opponents defense repeatedly.
  • Wings movement is exemplary, well coordinated and quick.
  • Mid field game is well controlled and passing is good.
  • Good defense- caves in under pressure
  • High rate of penalty corner conversion
  • Goalkeeper is agile and saves many goals.
  • Goal scorers may be out of -Keusters, Thiery, Namgolan, M Felkini,  Gougnard’s, John-John Dohmen.


  • Ball control and stick work of Indian team is better.
  • Belgium is superior in Swiftness in field.
  • India is better in scoring field goals and grabbing opportunities to score.
  • Belgium is better in scoring through penalty corners.
  • Overall India has an edge  due to high forward line scoring capability.

Likely Winner-India- margin 3-2



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