KFC Big Bash League- 12 Jan- Strikers VsThunder- Who Will Win?

Strikers take on Thunder on 12 Jan. Who Will Win? Keep watching all matches to know the results. Good Luck. May the better team on that day win?



  • P-5, W-4 (MS, PS, HH, BH), L-1 (PS)
  • Rotation of players not followed.
  • Two out of Simmon, Doeschate, Dean,  Botha will score.
  • Ludeman, Head will be out cheaply.
  • Only two players scored more than 50 runs  in any match.
  • Play Pollard, Hodge to win matches. Both are hard hitters.
  • Laughlin (9 wickets), Zampa (6 wickets) in 5 matches are consistent wicket takers.
  • Team not capable of scoring beyond 150 runs.


  • p-5, W-2 (BH,PS), L-3 (SS, MR,. HH)
  • Rotaion of players being followed in team.
  • Winning combination not yet achieved.
  • Roy, Cosegrove, Heartley, Kallis will score.
  • Hussey/ Hughes are due for big innings.
  • Consistent wicket taker is Sandhu (7 wickets).
  • Cummins and Hauritz struggling.


  • AS has better bowling line up.
  • AS batsmen in form but, ST batsmen regaining form now.
  • ST is combining well and may surprise AS with it’s bowling
  • ST have a better chance of turning the tables.

Likely Winner- ST


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