IPL2017- DD Vs RPS- 12 May- Prediction- Who Will Win?

IPL2017- DD Vs RPS- 12 May- New Delhi-Prediction- Who Will Win? Just wait and watch.

In recent times, bat has ruled the ball. The massive strikers have plundered runs against seemingly good bowlers. This was evident in yesterday’s clash between KingsXI and MI. Kings were lucky to register a win inching closer to a possible berth in play of. MI are already assured of a berth.



  • One out of top four domestic batsmen have struck form in recent games.
  • Samson, Nair, Iyer will all add some runs- one will cross 40 runs.
  • Pant- injured- may not play.
  • M Samuels will get some runs.
  • C Morris- match winner and K Rabada will not play- Gone back for country team. Set back to team.
  • C Braithwait is a total failure- may be lucky today.
  • Bowlers ¬†performing below par.
  • Main wkt takers- P Cummins/B Hilfenhaus, C Anderson. A Mishra.
  • Capability-170 runs.


  • Strong batting and average bowling line up.
  • Top order has experienced batsmen.
  • Team improving in every match.
  • A Rahane and S Smith will register high scores.
  • Rahane/ R Tripathi may get 90 runs.
  • B Stokes and Dhoni will add runs.
  • I Tahir- not playing- gone to play for country.
  • Domestic bowlers are promising. Wkt takers- A Zampa, B Stokes, J Unadkat.
  • Capability 180 runs.


  • Overall, DD batsmen are inexperienced and their bowlers are experienced.
  • It is the other way round with RPS- experienced batsmen, inexperienced bowlers.
  • DD is a plucky team.
  • RPS are steady performers.
  • S Smith is a much better captain than injury prone Zaheer Khan.


Likely Winner- RPS

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