IPL2017- DD Vs MI- 06 May- Prediction- Who Will Win?

IPL2017- DD Vs MI- 06 May- New Delhi- Prediction- Who Will Win?



  • Team on the up.
  • Domestic top four batsmen are in form (Samson, Nair, Pant, Iyer).
  • Three overseas all rounders are in form (Anderson, Morris, Rabada).
  • Perfect pacers in Cummins, Shami, Rabada. All rounders bowl well.
  • Depth in batting.
  • Two spinners- Mishra, Nadeem.
  • Big question is whether top order can handle experienced bowling attack of MI?
  • Expect K Nair, S Iyer to score high- 40 runs each.
  • C Morris will add some good runs. R Pant will add just 10 runs.
  • Others will just chip in some runs.
  • Very poor fielding side.
  • Wkt takers- P Cummins, A Mishra, C Morris.
  • Capability- 165 runs.


  • Aggressive and experienced top order (Butler, Patel, Rohit, N Rana).
  • R Sharma and J Butler will score high. One will score 70 runs plus.
  • P Patel, Pollard will add some runs.
  • Others are capable of playing well and adding valuable runs.
  • Three all rounders- Pollard, Pandya brothers.
  • Accurate wicket taking pacers (McCleneghan, J Bumrah, H Pandya, L Mallinga).
  • Three good spinners- Pollard, Habhajan, Hardik.
  • The bowlers do a commendable job in death overs.
  • The team has resilience and capability to fight back.
  • Excellent fielding side.
  • Wkt takers- M McCleneghan, J Bumrah, K Pandya.
  • Capability- 185 runs.


  • MI has more experienced batsmen.
  • DD batsmen get ruffled occasionally and falter.
  • DD pacers are world class but, seasoned MI top order can handle them.
  • MI spinners are better than DD.
  • All rounders of both teams deliver.
  • DD fielding is poor.
  • MI skipper is more experienced than DD counterpart.
  • One could witness DD batting collapse.
  • Overall, MI team is in a better position to pull it off.


Likely Winner- MI

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