Big guns will remain big guns. Weaker teams may sparkle in some matches but, at the end of the day, fail to make the grade.

If that is so, what is the difference between top four teams and those which miss out on the opportunity? The toppers thrive on a few special characteristics. read on:-

  • Improvement in performance as the league progresses.
  • Learning from mistakes. Apply well in upcoming matches.
  • Consistency of top players.
  • Resolve of players to do well.
  • Thriving on Strong overseas batsmen- To shine at a time when most needed.
  • Rising to the occasion at crucial stages of the game.
  • Captain’s behavior- motivating factor.
  • Fitness- Overseas players are very tough.
  • Contribution of each player in winning a match.

Here is a quick review of team performances:-

  • CSK- Consistent
  • MI   – Returning to form
  • RR  – Consistent
  • KKR- Improving now
  • RCB – Angry captain and gayle failure will let the team down.
  • DD   – A bunch of Fools collected for fun.
  • SRH – Erratic performance, heavily dependent on bowlers.
  • Kings XI -In Mood for festival cricket. Poor batsmen.
  • PWI – Strong on paper, early shocks shook them.

Four out of top five listed above will make it to the semis.

Erratic performances from minnows ( DD, SRH, Kings XI, PWI) let them down. Their players play cricket taking it as Festival Cricket.

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