Indian Rio Olympics 2016 Challenge-Good Or Bad

The Indian contingent had left for Rio De Janeiro last month amidst grand fanfare and promises of bringing back home minimum ten medals.

Just one week short of closing ceremony of Rio Olymoics, India has failed to bag even a single medal. What went wrong? Why is India failing to make a mark in Olympics since many years?

To understand performance of Indian contingent in a better perspective, let us have a look at the the medals tally in last FOUR Olympics.

  • Sydney Olympics 2000-Gold-0, Silver- 0, Bronze- 1, Total- 1. Rank-71. Contingent of 65 in 8 sports.
  • Athens Olympics 2004- G- 0, S- 1, B- 0, Total- 1. Rank 65. Contingent of 73 in 14 disciplines.
  • Beijing Olympics 2008- G-1, S- 0, B- 2, Total- 3. Rank 50. Contingent of 57 in 12 disciplines.
  • London Olympics 2012- G- 0, S – 2, B- 4, Total- 6. Rank 55. Contingent of 83 in 12 disciplines.
  • Rio Olympics 2016- Zero medals so far, Contingent of 120 in 15 disciplines.

It emerges from above that the size of contingent has been increasing in very Olympics with marginal increase in disciplines and medals. In last four Olympics combined, medals haul was Gold-1, Silver- 3, Bronze- 7, Total- 11. Very strange. Many countries win more than total 11 medals in any single Olympics.

Why is it that India has not progressed/ improved in performance in last 16 years? What has ministry of sports done to ensure that standard of sports improves in the country? Is Politics part of sports in India? Why Indian Sports training centres have failed to train youth adequately to rise up to Olympic standards in spite of spending huge amount of money on facilities, infrastructure and sophisticated training equipment? Why are so many officials taken along as extra baggage? Who will answer these questions. Who will bell the cat?

Can India hope for some medals in Tennis, Boxing, Wrestling, Badminton and Hockey? That is anybody’s guess

Going by the performance so far, it appears that the contingent will return home with not more than 5 medals- Saina Naiwal in Badminton, one in Boxing, one in Wrestling, one in Hockey, one in track and field events (Steeple Chase)

Good luck to the contingent.


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