Grand Parents Day- 10 Sep- Cementing Relations With Grand Father

Grand Parents are God’s best gift to mankind. Their worth is realized and appreciated by all of us as we age in life. It is on the Grand Parents Day, 10 Sep each year, that we express our gratitude and love to them for everything they did for us right from our childhood till today, when we are an adult.

What we are today is all because of this Rock called Grand Parents. They guided, counselled, loved, embraced and supported us at every stage in our lives. We owe are present success to them.

Our elders are an epitome of any civilization and house hold. They need to be respected, cared and treated well during their old age. Most people have no time for them and leave them on their own without attending to their problems. Well, I totally detest such behavior by younger generation and would look after my elders at all costs.

My Grand Parents

Unfortunately, my Grand Mother passed away when I was a small kid thus, I hardly remember anything about her. But, i learnt from my parents that she was a very pious, humble and god fearing lady. I wish she had lived a little longer.

However, my Grand Father cared about me a lot during my formative years and i really have vivid memories of wonderful times spent under his umbrella. He is well read and has correctly understood the modern day technological advancements like mobiles, Skype, video chats and enjoys connecting with people.

Although, my Father is my Hero, but, my Grand Father is like Aristotle for me. I have imbibed many good qualities from my Grand Father. The main ones are Honesty, Integrity and Loyalty.

My Memoirs

Here is a list of all his activities for which I shall ever remain indebted to him:-

  • Escorting me every morning till bus stop- school time routine.
  • Giving me toffees after school.
  • On the quiet, sending me to market in the evening to fetch Kulfi for him.
  • Encouraging me every time I passed in an exam.
  • Rejoicing on my birthdays.
  • Narrating stories from Ramayana and Mahabharat.
  • Watching all cricket matches with me whenever Indian team played. “Halwa” served by my mom after India won was yummy.

Celebrating The Day In Style

I eagerly await Grand Parents Day. This year on 10 Sep, I would like to make my Grand Father really feel very special since I am now married and we have been blessed with an angel like daughter. The sequence of events on this memorable day would be as covered in succeeding paras.

Prior to midnight, I will slip in a “Happy Grand Parents Day” card under his pillow. Exactly at midnight, to his surprise, I will enter his room with my father and my wife, switch on the light, wake him up and wish him sweetly. Then we will cut the cake taking pictures as well.

I shall accompany my Grand Father to the temple at 6 AM picking up flowers from the roadside plants. This will remind me of the days when he used to visit the temple after dropping me at the bus stop.

On return from temple, it will be tea time in the verandah. He loves glancing through the newspaper while sipping tea. I love listening to him so, i will ask him about Indian Cricket players which he will promptly comment on.

Next, while he goes in for a shower, I will place new Kurta and Pyjama on his bed. I am sure he will get emotional and tears will roll down his eyes while wearing it. I will touch his feet and seek his blessings.

He would then sing bhajans in front of a small temple perched atop an almirah. My role– clapping.

A sumptuous breakfast of Alu ka Parantha and Curd is his real craze. I will smilingly watch his long mustache moving up and down as he munches his delight. He is aware of this activity and loves it too.

After breakfast, it will be video chat time with my sister and her children in Scotland. Oh dear, my Grand Father can’t speak loudly but enjoys watching everyone on a mobile screen. Fun and laughter with hi, hello and greetings for next half an hour would be perfect. Once that is done, it will be rest time for him.

Family lunch would be organised at the nearby garden restaurant where live band would sing few of his yester year favorites (of course listening with hearing aid).

After a brief afternoon siesta, it will be tea time. Yummy Jalebis and onion Pakoras (his favorites) would be laid out. Over eating allowed on 10 Sep.

A family dinner which will be attended by all relatives would be a big surprise for him. They would love to seek my Grand Father’s blessings. A professional photographer would be hired to cover this special dinner. After a talk by him and a group photograph, no one would say NO to Kulfi.

Au Revoir time will witness more embraces and greetings marking end of a great day which would leave pleasant memories with everyone more so, with my Grand Father.

Carry Home Lessons

Our Grand Parents are like a light house in this rough sea called life. They are a beacon to show us light during adverse times and guide us in the right direction using their experience. Let us all be proud of them and go out of our way to make them, happy, comfortable and wanting during the last stage of their life.

We, Our children and grand children have a lot to learn from the Grand Parents. The present generation is the medium through which legacies, memoirs of our Grand Parents will be passed on to newer generations. The vicious circle of life will thus, be completed.

I look forward to hear from you how would you celebrate Grandparents Day. Do share a selfie with your grandparents on Sept. 10, 2017 on Twitter or Facebook with #LoveJatao & tag @blogadda to win a goodie from Parachute.



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