Football- UEFA EURO Cup 2016- Finals- Predictions- France Vs Portugal- Who Will Win?

Portugal take on France in the Finals of UEFA EURO Cup 2016 at Stade de France in Paris on 10 Jul 2016. In the entire tournament, one has witnessed top class Football matches.

Both teams have played excellent football to pave their way to the finals. many new players have come up and contributed well to ensure a berth for their country in the Finals of this prestigious  sporting event.

Who Will Win The Finals?  Will the match go into Extra Time? Just wait and Watch.



  • Well coordinated team.
  • Good attacking line up.
  • Solid defense with a good goalkeeper.
  • Christiano Ronaldo is a terrific attacker and a fierce striker.
  • Ricardo Carvalho is a game changer.
  • Pepe is good in defense.
  • R Sanches is a great mid fielder and very quick in passing.
  • Overall, a very strong well knit team.


  • Improved with each game.
  • Well knit forward line.
  • Rock solid defense.
  • A Griezmann is an opportunist and strikes real quick.
  • Laurent brings stability to defense.
  • Oliver Giroud combines well with A Griezmann- could  surprise opponent defense.
  • Hugo Lloris a  rock solid Goal keeper.


  • Portugal has more experienced shooters.
  • France has young attacking line up.
  • Defense of both teams is strong.
  • France GK is better.
  • game of nerves and using opportunities to advantage.
  • Home crowd advantage for France.
  • Both teams are strong and a good tussle is on the cards.
  • Likely Goal scorers- A Griezmann, Christiano Ronaldo, Oliver Giroud, R Sanches.
  • The match could go into extra time. Possibility of Shoot out at the gooal can not be ruled out.

Likely Winner- France



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