Cricket- Sri Lanka Humbles Team India In 1st Test- Reasons For Defeat-Analysis

Sri Lanka turned the tables on India by winning the first test match by 63 runs on the 4th day at Galle. I had predicted in my earlier post covering team India trip to Sri Lanka that India will find it difficult to survive against dashing, attacking Sr Lankan team.

Without beating about the bush, let me chart out reasons for Sri Lanka Victory and Team India defeat.

Sri Lanka Victory

  • Positive mind set.
  • Team has 7 batsmen and all rounders.
  • Every player can bat at any number.
  • Attacking game. No defensive play.
  • Application of Chandimal.
  • Accurate bowling of T Kaushal (8 wkts) and Herath (7 wkts).
  • Brilliant captaincy of A Mathews- changed batting order in second innings.
  • Excellent fielding.
  • Players exhibit confidence and energy.

Team India Defeat

  • Lack of application by top order. failed to score just 153 runs. Shame.
  • Batsmen not in frame of mind to play a test match.
  • Players find it difficult to come out of flamboyant life style.
  • Just 4 established batsmen in team- Dhawan, R Sharma, Rahane, Kohli,
  • Defensive cricket. Lack of aggression.
  • Poor captaincy of Kohli.
  • Mistake of playing 5 bowlers.
  • Poor bowling by Aaron and Ishant- 2 wkts each in match. Are they fit?
  • Lack of will to win even after playing so well in first innings

I feel, Kohli should be more receptive to suggestions and not be head strong. His policy of playing 5 bowler misfired. he must play experienced batsmen. Rohit has never fared well recently. L Rahul is talented but needs to learn playing at international level. He should first excel in IPL then join team India. Ishant and Aaron must be given a long leave.

Question- Why can’t India produce a genuine quickie? Look at Pakistan- they have many fast bowlers. 


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