Cricket- 2nd T 20- England Vs India- 29 Jan 2017- Prediction- Who Will Win?

In 1st T 20 encounter with England on 26 Jan at Kanpur, India was beaten comprehensively by 7 wickets showing complete domination of the game by England.

 Can India bounce back to win 2nd T 20 match on 29 Jan at Nagpur? Who Will Win? Just wait and watch.

Please Note

  • Analysis is purely my personal assessment based on statistics and my pick of players. Actual playing Eleven may vary .
  • Freak performances (batting, bowling) can change course of game. Very much possible in a T 20 game.
  • I am not an astrologer.
  • Just read my analysis for whatever worth it is, chill and enjoy the game. Keep smiling.



  • Learnt lessons well from Tests and ODIs Series.
  • Well knit team.
  • Improved batting and bowling performances.
  • Explosive openers- J Roy and S Billings.
  • Depth in batting- till Number 9.
  • Experienced and disciplined pacers- C Jordan, L Plunkett, B Stokes and T Mills.
  • Moeen Ali and Adil Rashid (IPL campaigner) in form to check run rate and take wickets.
  • All rounders giving their best- C Woakes, C Jordan, M Ali.
  • J Roy- 55, Sam Billings- 30, J Root- 35
  • E Morgan- 15, J B Stokes- 30, J Butler- 15.
  • Remaining can add another 40 runs.
  • Main wicket takers- B Stokes, T Mills, Adil Rashid.


  • Appears to be a disjointed team.
  • Very weak openers- failures being tried over and over again- KL Rahul.
  • Top order losing form. V Kohli opening makes no sense- Fool hardiness.
  • Yuvraj is under confident. MS Dhoni is casual- slow scoring.
  • M Pandey appears timid in approach.
  • Weak all rounders- H Pandya is just an average player.
  • A Nehra (T20 expert war horse) looks rusted.
  • P Rasool, spinner looks raw. Brittle middle and lower order.
  • Y Chahal is a wicket taking spinner.
  • Play A Mishra, Mandeep Singh and R Pant.
  • R Pant- 45, V Kohli- 20, S Raina- 30.
  • Yuvraj Singh- 15, M Pandey- 30, MS Dhoni- 20.
  • Remaining may add another- 20 runs.
  • Main Wicket takers- A Mishra, Y Chahal, J Bumrah.


  • England is well knit, disciplined in form team.
  • India looks complacent with players over reacting (expressions of V Kohli, Y Chahal and J Bumrah after bowling). No England player over reacts.
  • V Kohli scores high- India wins. He fails- India fails.
  • India needs to shed over confidence.
  • England is focused. India lacks cohesion.
  • Overall England is a far superior side- looks invincible.

Prediction- Likely Winner- England.

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