Pro Boxing- Vijender Singh vs K Hope- 16 Jul- WBO Asia Pacific Super Middleweight Title- Predictions- Who Will Win?

Vijender Singh of India will clash with Kerry Hope of Australia for the WBO Asia Pacific Super Middleweight Boxing Title on 16 Jul 2016 in New Delhi. Both the boxers have been training hard for this great bout.

The fight will be of 10 rounds.

A win for Vijender will propel him into top 15 of  WBO world rankings.

Who will win? just wait and watch.


Vijender Singh

  • Started career as an Amateur boxer.
  • Turned Professional in Jun 2015.
  • Participated in 2004 Athens Summer Olympics.
  • Won bronze medal in 2006 Asian games.
  • Won a Bronze medal in 2008 Beijing Summer Olympics.
  • Won Bronze medal in 2009 World Amateur Boxing Championships.
  • Won bronze medal in 2010 Delhi Commonwealth Games.
  • Represented India at the London 2012 Olympic Games.
  • As a Pro, won all 6 bouts by knock outs.
  • Right handed boxer.
  • Awarded Padma Shri in 2010.

Kerry Hope

  • Out of 30 fights, won 23 and lost 7.
  • Won first 11 fights in a row before suffering first defeat.
  • Won World Boxing Foundation International super middleweight title in 2009.
  • Won European Middleweight title in 2012.
  • Won the World Boxing Council Asian Boxing Council middleweight title in 2015.
  • Was ranked third best middleweight boxer by WBA.
  • Has 12 years experience in ring as a Pro.
  • Left handed boxer (South Paw).


  • Hope is more experienced as a Pro.
  • Hope has learnt from his defeats. Vijender has yet to lose a bout.
  • Hope has a definite advantage being a South paw.
  • Hope can mix up his jab with right hooks and the straight left with an overhand left to confuse and pierce defense of Vijender.
  • Vijender will be cheered by home crowd.
  • Vijender as an amateur never won a Silver or Gold medal.
  • Vijender’s performances as amateur indicate  that he gets nervous in crucial bouts an succumbs under pressure.
  • Overall, Hope is a stronger boxer with better skills and confidence.

Likely Winner- Kerry Hope. Vijender may last 7 or 8 rounds.





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