Bigg Boss Season Saath 7- The Winner Is…- Cast Your Vote

As the reality show is fast crawling towards the grand finale, speculations are being made about the winner.

Well, here is my analysis of the scenario in the Bigg Boss house. Post nominations on Mondy, 16 Dec, all housemates are tense and have drawn into their their shells in a safe mode- tortoise act indeed. No body mixes with anyone.

Ejaz is cut off with Sangram. Gauhar and Kushal are shell shocked. Tanisha is relieved- mercy by Sangram. Armaan appears jubiliant and is already in a celebrations mood with Andy, Sangram and Tanisha.

Here is my reading of everyone:-

  • Tanisha and Arman- showed no interest in the house. never took up stand for any cause and remained selfish- behaving like old love birds- very boring for audience.None can be a contender for the title.
  • Gauhar and Kushal- Both are deeply involved with each other. Show means nothing for them at this stage. Their reasoning ability has been marred with romance in their heads. Both will never be considered for the title.
  • Andy- Lost case who thinks he is smart. His plans and actions misfire. Too weak a personality for the top spot.
  • Sangram- Muscle man who is a weakling in heart and in confidence. remains confused and wastes his time in justifying his actions.
  • Ejaz– Versatile character who retains his normal self all the time. He argues, fights, expresses his concern where ever he feels, plays pranks and enjoys his stay in the house. I feel, he is the most suitable person to lift the title.

Who do you think will be the winner? Pl cast your vote.



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