Bigg Boss Season 8- Chaotic and Confusing- Is It Mahabharat ?

After failure of the last few seasons of Bigg Boss to strike a high note with the audiences, the producers this time are going out of the way to make the reality show more appealing, lively and dramatic for viewers.

However, I feel that the efforts of producers in scripting roles of each participant in each episode is creating ZERO impact on the viewers. They are left aghast, confused and baffled over sudden erratic outbursts by housemates and tantrums of all most all of them.

I get a feeling i am watching Mahabharata- focus is always on Puneet and Praneet.

Clearly, there are five contestants who seem to be suffering from Psychological disorders. They are Gautam, Ali, Renne, Sonali and Diandra.

Await my next post to read a brief on each of the above contestants.

Too much interference by Salman in terms of disecting actions and educating everyone on aspects of human behavior has marred the show. There is no more laughter, no more fun, no more healthy contests in the show. Instead we witness, bitching, back biting, conspiracies, cheap behavior and unwarranted love / romantic gestures by some cheap actors.

Why is Puneet controlling the show. He is the biggest conspirator and needs to be thrown out.

From my next post onward i am going to analyse character of each participant. Watch out fot that interesting session.


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