Bigg Boss Season 5- Weekly Nominations- Trend Of Voting In last 3 Weeks-Who Voted For Whom

Bigg BossEach housemate gets an opportunity every Monday to Vote out two others whom he/she feels should not be staying in BB house any further. Some play their cards (game) well and manage to impress most of the housemates to avoid nominations.

One out of all those nominated is evicted from the house based on viewers voting.

Even the well balanced persons get evicted because of the groups formed in the house.

Here are some glaring facts which show how each member of the house has been voting in the last three weeks. That surely is a pointer of one’s personality and trend of a group. Nominations were as follows (leaving out N Biswas who was evicted after first week):-

  • Shradha Sharma (SS)- 6 persons (2 different persons every week-PM, Shonali, PB, Lakshmi, Juhi, Mandeep.
  • Pooja Mishra (PM)- Pooja Bedi- 3 times, Mahek- 2 times, Shakti- once
  • Shonali- Mahek-2 times, SS, PM and Amar- once each. Shonali nominated Mahek using Captain’s power.
  • Pooja Bedi (PB)- SS and PM-2 times, Mahek and Amar- once each
  • Laxmi- 6 persons- PM, Shonali, PB, Juhi, Shakti, Gulabo.
  • Raageshwari (Evicted)- PM, Mandeep, Mahek, Amar- once each.
  • Juhi- 6 persons- SS, PM, Laxmi, Mandeep, Gulabo, Amar- once each.
  • Vida- SS and PM-2 times each, Mandeep and Amar- once each.
  • Mandeep- Juhi-2 times, Laxmi, PB and Mahek- once each.
  • Shakti- PB, Juhi and Mahek- once each. Shakti saved Mandeep from eviction once using captain’s power.
  • Mahek- 6 persons- PM< Shonali, PB, Juhi, Shakti, Gulabo,
  • Gulabo (Evicted)- PM and Mandeep- once each.
  • Amar- 4 persons -Shonali, PB, Juhi and Shakti- once each.
  • Sidharth- SS and PM- once each

Here are the deductions of above nominations:-

  • PB and Vida do not like SS and PM- Both voted them twice.
  • Mandeep doesn not like Juhi- Voted twice.
  • Shakti does not like Mahek- Voted twice.
  • Shonali and PB connive and vote. Both have voted for same housemate every time.
  • Amar and Mahek have voted similar on two occasions- to break PB gang.
  • Respectable persons who lived happily in house have been evicted -Raageshwari and Gulabo.
  • Laxmi, Juhi, Mahek vote for different person every time. Pooja Mishra was nominated 3 times but saved by viewers.
  •  Housemate nominated bt catian has never been evicted.
  • There is not a single housemate who has not been nominated even once.

The reality show has reached an interesting stage where housemates hardly trust anybody else. Groupings are temporary and frequently change.

There is lack of trust, belief and faith in everyone’s mind. Suspicion is the order of the day.



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