Bigg Boss Reality Show- Positives And Negatives- Your Take?

Six episodes of Reality show Bigg Boss have been aired so far. The Seventh one has gone on air on 15 Sep. I do not know about elders but, younger lot is definitely excited about the show as they may witness yet another show full of fights, ego hassles, clash of personalities, intimacies, romance and bitching.

When will we learn to live amicably under one roof? Rifts, sarcasm and fights brew up on the first day itself.

Hey contestants- learn from previous shows.

Have the audiences really gained out of this show? Does it have any positive message for the people? Does it help people improve their behavior? Or, it is shear cheap entertainment with the aim of making money and fool the audiences?

I just thought of analyzing the pluses and minuses of the show.


  • People of different backgrounds learn to co exist under one roof.
  • The contestants need to adapt to the environment in the house and change their behavior.
  • One learns to respect values of another housemate.
  • Some entertainment for masses.
  • Celebrities distressed in real life get a chance to cry out in front of viewers to clarify their stands on scandals/controversies.
  • Tasks and games improve creativity of all.
  • Individual tasks and testing/trying times help an individual explore his/her hidden skills.
  • Participants get an opportunity to showcase their talent to masses.
  • Huge sum of prize money can be gainfully used.
  • TRP of Colors gets a boost.
  • Not so famous celebrities get another chance to establish their careers.


  • Barring few, most participants so far, have displayed poor personal qualities.
  • Bitching, backbiting, cat fights, romantic scenes and plotting leave a bad taste on the minds of kids.
  • Can not be considered a family show due to its focus on conspiracies and romance.
  • Behavior of celebrities like vamps, item girls and porn queens demotivates younger girls.
  • Younger generations learns nurture and harbor ideas to tackle relatives in a family.
  • Rowdy character pass on negative messages- Raja Bundela types.
  • Faulty and rigged elimination procedure.
  • Votes of viewers for elimination really do not matter- They are not announced. Why so?
  • No transparency in voting.
  • The entire show is stage managed- nothing is real.

The list is endless. Aim is not to highlight negatives of the show but to make the people realize that all that glitters is not gold. It is a reality show where nothing is real.

Watch the show as a time pass without deriving any worthwhile lessons from it. Advise the kids and younger lot on the realities.


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