Bigg Boss Day1- Divide Between Commoners and Celebrities- Nominations- Who Will Be Evicted?

The organisers have purposely pitted Commoners against the Celebrities right on Day 1. The aim is clear- to ensure clash of egos and provoke stand off between both the groups.

I cover human behavior aspects related to each housemate. Read on for more details

Review of Developments

As is customary (to attract more fans), all woke up hearing early morning music. Even Om Swami first clapped to encourage dancers and then got busy with his prayers.

The real game starts. As per rules (total 10) read out by Navin, the housemates were divided into two groups- Maaliks (commoners) and Sewaks (celebrities).

  • Maaliks would dish out tasks to Swaaks as per their choice.
  • Maaliks could enunciate any rules if they desired.
  • Sewaks were expected to take food and sleep after Maaliks had finished with their chores.

The first clash of the season was between Bani and Priyanka when the latter asked Bani to reveal her age. Both soon mellowed down and embraced.

Meetings of Maaliks (Om Swami, Manveer, Mannu, Priyanka, Lokesh Kumari Sharma) were held to draw out strategy to get max work out of Sewaks who already felt intimidated having cleaned swimming pool three times. Sewak Gaurav Chopra stood like a rock against repeated demands of Maaliks.

Sewaks, on their part criticised standard of cooking by Maaliks who were infuriated.  On Swami was cornered by Celebrities over his double standards of fuelling vengeance and promoting peace and equality in the house.

Bani reminded all to use toilets with care and keep them clean.

The nominations surprised everyone. Commoners were called in the Confession room to nominate 2 Celebrities and the Celebrities were asked to nominate 2 Commoners after a joint discussion.

The following were nominated for eviction on Saturday:-

  • Sewaks- Gaurav and Mona Lissa- though Bani, Rahul and LopaMudra also received few nominations).
  • Maaliks- Mannu and Priyanka

My Comments

  • Maaliks are over excited and acting weird- each trying to come into prominence. Showing immaturity in handling Sewaks.
  • Om Swami is a funny character- set back entry for the show.
  • Sewaks are cool except Gaurav.
  • It is a matter of shame that housmates were so unhygienic- use of toilets issue.
  • Mannu has announced his game plan to Bigg Boss- all set for early exit.
  • Pitting Celebrities against Commoners is not a good idea. This will spread hatred and bad feelings among viewers against the life style of celebrities.
  • Few housemates are keeping a low profile- Rahul dev, Nitibha Kaul, Lopa Mudra, Akanksha, Karan- observing others- good move.

Predictions Day 2

  • Gaurav and Priyanka may become friends.
  • Mannu may have a stand off with Gaurav (Sewaks)- both are strong personalities. May form own groups later on.
  • On Swami sermons will fall flat. No more wooing girls.
  • Bani may erupt over kitchen and cleanliness issues.
  • Priyanka may rebuke Sewaks.

Polls. Who will be evicted on Saturday. Cast your vote.

Stay tuned. More to follow each day.






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