Bigg Boss 9- Double Trouble- Day 10- Keshwar Captain- Stage Set For Playing Games

Day 11 changed the scenario in the house.  Weak character of many housemates is very pronounced now. I shall cover major events, my observations and Follies of BB as well.

1. Worst Team in task. All workers couldn’t decide unanimously the team which fared worst in task. Roopal said it was difficult to decide.  Vikas and Yuvika said Suyyash and Prince were best. Rimi asked all to take a stand and not nominate any worst pair. Keith said all performed as they could. Prince and Suyyash hinted two pairs did not show interest (Dibangana and Roopal, Rochelle,\and Rimi). BB had to call Vikas and Yuvika to get a decision out of all. Finally , by voting, Keith and Karimi were adjudged  as the pair responsible for defeat.

Comments. Pathetic team spirit. Each pair knew how they fared yet, not willing to accept their shying away from work, This shows selfish Attitude, lack of Cameraderie, Unity and guts to own for what is right. I wonder why BB not comment on all pairs and decide who was worst or best? Why Vegde was not asked to comment. After all, the aim of this show is also to educate all on correct behavior and self improvement besides playing a game to win the title. Why is BB shirking from responsibility? No participation and Shocking behavior of Rimi, Debangana, Roopal, Yuvika. Suyyash and Prince being verbose and headstrong.

2.Tug Of War. It was organised to select captain. Only Keith, Karimi, Vegde, Roopal and Dibangana were in Aman’s team. Rest all were part of Kishwer’s team which obviously won.

Comments. The stage is set for playing games after formation of groups in house. No one has patience to listen to other’s views, Rochelle thinks logically but, can’t express and others don’t let her express. Everyone has started playing games and chosing friends and support with caution.

My Observations- Just ponder over these.

  • Why prince is so fond of kissing, hugging and getting close to girls. He plans it and looks for an opportunity to do so.
  • What makes Suyyash so angry and annoyed with everyone?
  • Prince has hugged and kissed and lifted Kishwer in front of Suyyash. No reaction. Is that what happens between friends?
  • Roopal can’t adjust with Debangana. Why? One must learn to live with people of different nature- this is adjustment in true sense.
  • Keith and Aman turning friends. Both will gain from each other- Experienced campaigners in real life.
  • Yuvika getting friendly to Karimi. Game of Winning confidence. Why was this not done earlier?
  • Vikas is very short tempered. Playing game of showing sympathy to Keith Karimi and Aman.

Keep watching BB and keep reading my post. Soon, detailed character and behavior analysis of everyone follow.





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