Bigg Boss 5-Day 67-Recap-Quiet Day, Housemates Cool Off In The Pool.

The BB house did not witness any action (fights) on Day 67. Generally, peace prevailed with Symonds and later, Pooja Misra (Symond’s Translator) entertaining the housemates who were a bit amazed to find PM back in the house.

It would not be wrong to say that BB house had converted into a circus show with Pooja Misra, clad as clown amused everyone with her dual meaning songs, dances and acting. She even went on to say that her violence was well appreciated by the masses- may be that was her version.

Symonds did not forget his cricket practice and found a good fan and a fielder in Sid.

PM did not waste time in advising Sunny to reveal her past to all and feel more relaxed. Sunny felt otherwise and quietly replied that she was ready to tackle all at an appropriate time.

Juhi was extra friendly to PM whereas, Shonali hung on to Symonds- old acquaintances?

Sid and Sky were too eager to know from PM how they were being projected by the viewers. She did not annoy anyone and painted a rosy picture for both of them. It is well understood that BB must have cautioned PM against telling anything about the outside world.

Amar and Mahek were named contenders for the next captain by SS before leaving the house. There is likelihood of Amar becoming captain for the second time.

Sky and Amar never liked Sid getting close to Symonds.

There was action in the swimming pool to usher in some excitement. Otherwise, the day was drab with all too cautious and defensive in their behavior.


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