Bigg Boss-11- Day 2- Fights And Flare Ups

From now on, i shall cover the events along with my views in bold letters. Day 2 as expected gave indications of some explosive developments. here we go with the happenings.

Vikas and Shilpa continued with their allegations on each other regarding earlier differences. Vikas even abused Shilpa. Housemates tried to console both of them but failed. – Poor show Vikas- Not at all a bravado act. Both should have buried the hatchet and not make a fool of themselves since they are now on a reality show. 

Zubair came up with an adult joke to which sapna resented politely but, Zubair acted stubborn. Puneesh intervened and both started threatening each other. All this appeared fake and later, in the morning, both apologized to each other. 

As per instructions, neighbors were to request for food from main house. Love requested once and in return received food without spoons. Main house inmates acted rough and even planned to mix excessive salt in meals- This was shear jealousy without reason. In matters of food, how can people be so rude?

Bigg boss allotted roles to four neighbors to prepare themselves before entering main house. Lucinda- TV actress and girl friend of a rich businessman. Mahzabi- mother of Love. Love – a  gay rich man and son of Mahzabi. Subyasachi- Love’s lover boy.  Interesting set up and very challenging for role playing.

At midnight birthdays of Hina and Binafsha were celebrated well. After cutting the cake, Neighbors congratulated both the girls- Very nice gesture.

Overall Comments

  • Nice conduct by Bigg Boss.
  • Neighbors appeared more sensible tan house mates.
  • House mates still finding their feet.
  • Ladies trying to dominate.

Good luck for Day 3.




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