5 Reasons Why India Lost 2nd T20 at Guwahati on 10 Oct 2017

Australia Beat India in 2nd T20 by 8 wickets at Guwahati on 10 Oct 2017. The media was silent over the defeat.

There was no effort by media, commentators, expert veteran cricketers and sports news reporters to look into the causes of defeat.media goes berserk over any victory of men in Blue but why a lull over a shocking defeat?

After analyzing a number of factors, i can safely list out FIVE Reasons why India lost 2nd T20. 

1. Same Players For ODIs and T 20s. All teams in the world have a different set of players for ODIs and T20s. Why India failed on this account? How come management and Ravi Shastri over looked this aspect? A Nehra was recalled but never played. If he is a specialist, he should have played 1st T20 as well. T20 games are won by specialists suited for this style of cricket. Does India have any? No? Why?

2. Lack Of All Rounders. India has only H Pandya who has been milked in all formats of game. His performance has gone down with each match- from Tests to T20. Australia has many all rounders who can change the course of the match with either bowling or batting.

3. Over Reliance On Spinners. Starting from 1st ODI, Kuldeep Yadan and Y Chahal have reduced in their haul of wickets. In 2nd T20, both of them were wicket less. Over reliance on spinners cost India the match.

4. Hard Work Of Australia. Australian batsmen and senior players drew good lessons from Tests and ODIs and learnt them well. They have developed the skill of playing spinners who were there nightmare.

5. Australian Pace Attack. J Bahrendorf is simply unplayable. The poor technique and weakness of Indian batsmen against playing genuine pace has been amply exposed. When will Indian batsmen come out of slumber?

All of the above reasons point towards poor selection of team and lack of rotation of players to suit T20 format. V Kohli, R Shastri are rigid and should be held responsible for overlooking selection of the right type of players for T20 games.

When will critics of cricket and media wake up and  present facts before cricket lovers?

Unless team is changed, Australia will beat India in 3rd T20 as well.


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