4th Test Match- India Vs Australia- 25 To 29 Mar 2017- Day 2 Crucial For India

India did a good job of bowling out Australia on Day 1. Thanks to K Yadav for his brilliant bowling (4 for 68). But, Aus batted beautifully to get 300 runs on the board- S Smith 111. On a fast track , India will find it difficult to go past 300.

First session will be the key to the match. Can M Vijay and L Rahul give India a good opening stand? Yet to be seen. Just wait and watch. Three wickets before lunch will see India slide down.

Having predicted the outcome of the match, let me once again emphasize on certain factors which weigh in favor of Aus.

  • New captain in A Rahane. Was confused in 3rd test. Not played with new players in team.
  • S Smith is an experienced shrewd captain. Kohli out, he wins psychologically.
  • Three new players in India team- K Nair (failed in last two tests),K Yadav and B Kumar (not very impressive).
  • Aus team is well knit, experienced and each player is in great form.
  • Brittle India middle and lower order.
  • Aus team high in confidence after gritty performance in 3rd test.
  • India will miss aggressive approach of Kohli.
  • India has played defensive cricket all through. Aus plays positive aggressive cricket scoring runs at a brisk pace.

With above issues in mind, in all probability, the match will swing in favor of Aus on Day 2. India may be able to muster around 250 runs. If India wins, It will be a job well done.Only a great effort by A Rahane and another batsman can save the match for India.

Good luck both teams.



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