My 37 Years Old Scooter- Bajaj Super- Very Close To My Heart

As one ages through all phases of life from bachelorhood to post married life into old age, one continues to collect items of usage/fancy- be it for decorating the house, additions to wardrobe, beefing up expensive crockery or for any other reason. This human tendency results in hoarding colossal amount of unwanted items which one never wants to part with at any age calling them as “Close to One’s Heart”.

The Truth

As one gets wiser in life, one disposes of few old items gradually only to make way for new ones. These are sold to scrap dealers (visiting residential areas) at a low cost.

My Story

I am no different and have over the years stuffed my house with many wanted/unwanted items. Topping the list is my light green colored Bajaj Super scooter which i had booked in Jan 1974 and finally purchased in Dec 1986 (eight years after marriage and with two children). A long wait of 12 years to get a scooter is no joke. I always considered it as a Gift of God, a priceless possession and thus, too close to my heart. It has been in a state of disuse since last about 20 years.

Disposing Off The Scooter

Last month, on insistence of family members, i some how got convinced to sell out my scooter as it was occupying space next to the entry gate of my house. One Sunday, my son called in a scrap dealer and began negotiating with him the price for which he would buy it. I was listening to their conversation from my room and heard the dealer quote that he would pay not more than Rs 900/- for it.  I became emotional and immediately stepped out of my room and told the scrap dealer with a heavy heart that i would not part with my Scooter. That was a shut up call for everyone in the family.

Happy Days

Since that day, My Scooter has been the talk in the family. Daily, i clean it, shine it and sit on it with my grand children and narrate my experiences riding the old two wheeler. I am extremely happy now and have decided never to part with it till i am alive. I used to ride it with my wife and two children who are married now and are proud parents. Their children sit on my scooter each morning and evening and play all funny games. I too play with them quite often and smile all the while. Has my scooter become a legend in the family? Yes, it has and after i retire from the world, stories about me and my scooter would continue to be narrated to through my children and grand children to all the generations to follow. And, had i sold it that day for just Rs 900/- i would have been the biggest fool on earth.

Lesson For Life

Money can not buy memories. One must retain things which are close to one’s heart and remind one of the wonderful days spent during earlier part of life. Always treasure articles which link to good memories and happy times in life.

Today, everyone in the family is very happy with my decision to hold on to the Gift Of God– My Bajaj Super.


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