2nd Test Match- India Vs Australia- Starting 04 Mar – Poor Selection Of Team By Kohli

A wise captain always learns lessons from the past matches. After receiving a drubbing in 1st test match at Pune, Virat Kohli probaly ignored the lessons. He still seems to be riding a wave of successes of earlier matches. 

Here are the glaring errors on his part which defy logic. And nobody questions him or raises the issues in any media channel. That is total favoritism and ignoring the truth.

  • Why was Murli Vijay left out in 2nd test? How can a seasoned test campaigner be dropped after poor performance in just one match in a four match test series. At least give him a second chance.
  • Why A Mukund was played replacing M Vijay? There was a need for a top class experienand that too replacing M Vijced player more so when the team is trailing 0-1 in 4 match series. Mukund has played tests at irregular intervals. He proved his inability to handle stress and crashed out meekly.
  • Ishant Sharma failed to impress in forst test. His figures of 11/0/27/0 and 3/0/6/0 in each innings do not warrant his inclusion in 2nd test. Why is he still playing. Total favoritism because Kohli and Ishant are good friend- Delhiites. B Kumar should have replaced Ishant.

By above wrong decisions/selection good players seldom get a chance to prosper and exhibit their talent in the game.

With good players sitting on the bench how can a team win a test match. Australia is on top even in 2nd test and are likely of humble Kohli and his men once again.

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