1st ODI- India Vs Bangladesh- India In Trouble Chasing 307 Runs

Bangladesh will soon be challenging the cricketing giants. They are no longer minnow. In the 1st ODI , batting first, they piled up 307 runs. Superb batting by T Iqbal-60 runs, Sarkar-54 runs and Shakib- 52 runs.

India opened their innings shakily with Dhawan and Rohit finding it difficult to handle Taskin and Mustafizur. Soon India were struggling at 141 for 5 wkts in 30 overs. Will India be able to play 50 overs? Can India beat Bangladesh?

Team India has four captains from IPL- Dhoni, Kohli, Dhawan and Rohit. Yet the team is struggling. Dhoni has four of his stalwarts from Chennai Super Kings squad- Raina, Ashwin, Jadeja and Mohit. As i write this post, Jadeja and Raina are at the crease. Can they save the match for India. I have great hopes on them. They have played good innings in the past as well.

Many questions will be asked if If India loses this match. Rightly so.

Bangladesh so far, has played better cricket. They batted in style with confidence without making mistakes. On the contrary, India batsmen played reckless shots and bowlers, except Ashwin bowled without sense.

Weldone Bangladesh.

Irrespective of the result, Bangladesh Team needs to be complemented for their superb display and passion for the game.



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