1st ODI- England vs Bangladesh- 07 Oct- Prediction- Who Will Win?

1st ODI between England (ENG) and hosts Bangladesh (BD) will be played at Dhaka on 07 Oct. Who will win? Just wait and watch.

BD has won last 6 ODI series at home. England recently beat Pakistan 4-1 in ODI series.

Analysis- Based on likely 11 as per me.


  • Many top regular players out of team.
  • Very strong all rounders.
  • Pace bowlers are accurate.
  • J Roy- 40, Ben Duckett- 50, J Butler-60, M Ali- 55.
  • C Woakes- 35, Ben Stoakes- 40,  J Bairstow- 15.
  • Wicket takers- Adil Rashid, S Finn-, D Willey/L Plunkett, L Dawson.


  • Well knit team.
  • Batsmen fail to get big scores.
  • Average bowling.
  • Average all rounders.
  • I Kayes- 20, T Iqbal- 40, M Rahim- 15,  Mamudullah- 40.
  • Shakib Al Hasan- 35, Sabbir Rahman 60,  Mosharaff Hossain- 20.
  • Wicket takers- T Ahmed, S Islam,  N Hossain, M Mortaza.


  • ENG all rounders and Bowlers are superior.
  • BD batsmen are stronger but fail to score high.
  • Overall, ENG has an edge due to better All rounders.

Likely Winner- England






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